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Important Notice about Frequent Traveller Passports

Australia’s Frequent Traveller Passports (FTP) will be phased out by the Australian Passport Office due to a decline in demand. From 1 December 2017, no new Frequent Traveller Passport applications will be accepted. Applications for Frequent Traveller Passports lodged up to and including 30 November 2017 will be processed, unless higher than usual demand in November depletes the remaining stock of the Australian Passport Office.

From 1 December 2017, if you are running out of pages on your current Frequent Traveller Passport, you may apply for a replacement passport at a lower fee (34 pages) which will be issued with the same expiry date as the passport being replaced. You may also apply for a new passport with 10 years validity (34 pages) at the full fee. For more details, please contact the Embassy on 2232 2422.


Information about Australian passports, including passport applications, compulsory documents and photograph requirements, are available on the Australian Passport Office website.

All Australian citizens must lodge their passport application in person. We are not able to accept applications by mail or courier. This helps us to protect you, by protecting the security and integrity of your Australian passport.

Please note that child applications should be lodged in person by a parent or person with parental responsibility for the child. The person lodging the application is not required to be an Australian citizen, but will need to present photographic identification for both parents at the appointment.

Passports will take up to three weeks to process from lodgement to delivery.  It is a good idea to plan the replacement of a passport well ahead of the expiry date and, if you need to travel, ensure you have sufficient time to replace passports and visas where needed. Remember that some countries require that passports have at least 6 months validity in order to permit entry or obtain a visa.

Approved Translation Offices

For a list of Embassy approved translation offices in Kuwait, please click here.

Please note that if your original translations are done with offices other than those listed, they will need to be attested by both the Kuwaiti Ministry of Justice and the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs before the Embassy can accept them.

Important Note: For Australians residing in Kuwait, please note that the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior announced that no residency permits will be issued for persons whose passport validity is less than one year. Please make sure that your passport validity is in line with the validity of your residency in Kuwait to avoid any legal issues that may arise from not having a valid residency permit in Kuwait.

Passport Application Requirements

For more information on the documentation required for each passport application type, please click the links below.

Adult Passport Renewal

Child Passport Applications (First Time and Renewal - Under 16 years old)

Child Passport Renewal (16 and 17 year olds)

First Adult Passport (If over 16 years of age at the time of the previous passport application)

First Adult Passport (If under 16 years of age at the time of the previous passport application)

Senior Passports

Emergency Passports

Important Note: If you do not know an Australian guarantor to support your passport application (where applicable), please refer to this list of acceptable non-Australian guarantor occupation groups.


Passport fees are payable in KNET and credit cards only in Kuwaiti Dinar at the nominated exchange rate (which is subject to variations).  Personal cheques will not be accepted, and no other currency is acceptable. 

As of 1 January 2017, fees for passports will increase annually in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. This includes an additional overseas application fee of of AU$103 for adults (including seniors) and AU$52 for children, payable in Kuwaiti Dinar at the nominated exchange rate (which is subject to variations). Payment can be made by KNET or credit cards only. Personal cheques will not be accepted and no other currency is acceptable.

For more information on the passport fees increase, please visit

To make a passports appointment, please click here Book an appointment with Australian Embassy Kuwait Online Booking using SetMore

If you plan to lodge an application in Australia

You may wish to apply for a replacement passport while in Australia. You can prepare forms and make appointments for interview ahead of departure if your time in Australia is limited. In Australia you can pay the priority processing fee and have your passport issued in two working days (allow additional time for delivery, if required).  Otherwise we recommend you allow up to three weeks to receive your new passport. The priority processing service is not available in Kuwait.