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Study in Australia

Australia is a dynamic, vibrant country with energetic, friendly and confident people. We value knowledge and its application, and are recognised for our achievements in many fields.

Australia is a country that offers a dynamic environment for learning, research and innovation.

The opportunities in Australia are vast, exciting and ever-evolving. It is a place where you can realise your potential in ways you planned, and perhaps in ways you never imagined.

Information on Australian Education 

Information on Studying in Australia can be sourced online. Your best source of information is the Australian Government's official website for international students.

There are many reasons to study in Australia:

- Australia is a safe, modern, multicultural democracy.

- The Australian education system has government-accredited institutions, quality courses and world class-teachers.

- The cost of living and education fees are low compared to other English speaking countries, including the US and the UK.

- Experience the diversity of the people coupled with the unique environment.

You can be confident you will receive a high quality education at whichever institution you choose, because the Australian Government carefully oversees quality standards. By law, Australian institutions can only offer courses to international students if the institution and course are registered with the Australian government.

Learning and Applying to Study in Australia

The Australian education system puts a lot of emphasis on individuals and individual needs. Australian universities are not ranked; all universities are unique, and therefore difficult to compare. When you choose an Australian University, it is most important to consider its courses, specialities, areas of expertise, environment, course delivery styles and location. Its size or age may have little relevance to your needs.

In Australia, you experience a unique kind of education - a learning style that encourages innovative, creative and independent thinking. You can select from thousands of courses available at our universities, training institutes and schools. You have the flexibility to choose the study path that best suits your goals.

You should apply as early as possible for your course because processing your application, and then your student visa, may take months.

The academic year in the Australian system is different to countries in the northern hemisphere. The academic year commences in February/March and ends in October/November. There are usually two student intakes per year: one at the beginning of the academic year and the second in June/July. It is advised that students start the application process at least three months in advance. English language courses are offered throughout the year. You can apply directly to an Australian education institute via an online form.

For information on admission requirements, tuition fees, scholarships, or recognition of prior learning see

Student Visas and Scholarships 

If English is not your first language and you plan to undertake a university or vocational course you will need to provide a score from the IELTS tests to prove that your English is up to standard. If you have studied in an English speaking country and you can demonstrate satisfactory achievements in English, you do not need to provide an IELTS score.

Students from some countries need to meet English language standards in order to obtain a student visa to Australia. This is in addition to entry requirements set by education institutions. You must obtain the IELTS score required by the Department of Home Affairs. This applies to students from a number of countries. For information on student visas, visit

Australia offers a range of scholarships for international students, however the number is limited and competition is intense. For specific information on scholarships, visit