Australian Embassy

Child renewal passport application - PC8 Checklist

Child renewal passport application - PC8 Checklist

  1. Completed and printed online application form
  2. Include 2 Australian standard passport photos - *see guidelines below
  3. Send your completed application by courier to the following address:

Australian Embassy Kuwait

Level 12, Dar Al-Awadi Complex

Ahmad Al-Jaber Street

Sharq, Kuwait


Child PC8 Passport Application Checklist

1. Did you complete and print the form from the Australian Passport Office website? 

2. Did you check the current home address, contact phone number and email address on the form are valid and correct? 

3. Are the biodata details correct on the application form? (Name, Place of Birth, Country of Birth, Date of Birth and Sex) 

4. Did you include a minimum of two passport photos? 

5. *Do the photos meet the photo guidelines?

6. Did the guarantor endorse the back of one photo in black ink pen? 

7. Did both parents include clear copies of their proof of identity showing name, photo, signature and current address?

8. **Are both parents’ names the same as how they appear on the child’s birth certificate?

9. Did the guarantor complete and sign section 11?

10. Did both parents complete and sign section 15 (declaration and consent)? 

11. Did one parent (or person with parental responsibility for the applicant) sign Section 17?

12. If the child is aged 10 and above, did they sign Section 18?  

13. Check all signatures are within six months of mailing the application.

14. Check all signatures are within the signature box.

15. Check the form is printed in full and no parts of the form are cut short.


*If you have any concerns about your photo, please check our photo guidelines.

** If the current names of either parent are different from those on the birth certificate, please include certified copies of documents that explain the change of name.